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Embracing vintage and nature’s treasures, The Little Shop (TLS)   is where you will find in Hong Kong a thoughtful curation of exquisite jewelry, artwork, artisanal accessories and lifestyle ideas. Each soulful object is characterized by its own story and fine craftsmanship to get you inspired. Dedicatedly hand-picked from expeditions to selective ateliers across the globe, we aim to nurture the one-of-a-kind collection by all the finer things in life, fulfilling everyday living and festive occasions with wonder and delight. Be ready to impress your beloved ones and yourself with this delectable find.


The Little Shop 精心匯聚一系列工藝細膩的珠寶飾品、手工配飾,藝術及生活設計作品,希望透過搜羅各地獨特設計將經典事物與大自然最美好的一瞬定格呈現,為生活注入時光的溫度。由工匠巧妙製作的精品,每個細節都訴說其箇中故事,誘發無限想像;The Little Shop致力訪遍全球精品工作坊,將一切美好的事物網羅其中,孕育出獨一無二的系列,為每個生活時刻帶來驚喜快樂。無論贈送摯愛或盡情寵愛自己,都可從The Little Shop尋獲不同獨有驚喜選擇,隨時為生活添上幸福印記。







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