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ANTEPRIMA WIREBAG x Hello Kitty is Back! 


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Let the modern architecture of Milano flows with elegant lines and sinuous twists, discover the "Beauty of Restraint and Balance” with ANTEPRIMA.

Complement your daily ensembles with artchiteched art, explore the new ANTEPRIMA WIREBAG collections with constructed in a geometric silhouette.

Hop on a fashion journey with ATSURO TAYAMA, a combination of European traditional patterns colliding with iconic avant-garde style.

Update your summer look with the latest MARIMEKKO BAGS & ACCESSORIES. Get inspired by our beautiful new leather bags and cotton canvas arrivals in seasonal prints and colors.

It’s time to celebrate life’s meaningful moments with a curated collection, from abundant blooms to meadow motifs, this is summer florals the MARIMEKKO way – enjoy!

Bringing the soon awakening nature indoors with MARIMEKKO HOME's timeless new tableware, textile, and indoor gardening items.

Walk in the woods with forest animals, explore the wild countryside stories with 45R.

The power of craftsmanship bringing things of beauty and delicate artisan designs, join us in the journey of healing and self-discovery with COCKTAIL.


Delicately handcrafted, unique treasures from THE LITTLE SHOP. Add a cheerful vibe with eye catching jewellery pieces with an elegant touch.