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Featured Brands - New Arrivals

MARIMEKKO's new collection featuring designer Maija Isola's recollections of her childhood running free in the woods.  
Wild at heart, running free.

Kicking start of the season, glam the crowd with ATSURO TAYAMA's latest ruffle blouse top that plays with stripe patterns, surprising us with a unique interpretation of the soft avant-garde style. Other Fall Winter styles also available!

We now know to be true, a vision of new horizon.
Start a new adventure with ANTEPRIMA to inject positive note for start of new season, and a new sense of self.

The latest fall/ winter ANTEPRIMA WIREBAG with the concept of “Reconnect”, the new Nodo wire bag is functional yet stylish with hints of elegance and retro, keeping your everyday essentials easily within reach!

Feeling the long-awaited exotic memories with 45R? The "FUTATABI" (Once Again) is going strong as another patchwork masterpiece is ready for you to enjoy the sea breeze.

Giveaway: Get a 45R "123 Floral Tote Bag" upon purchasing $4,000 for any 45R items!
*Limited stock in first-come-first-served basis.

Have a dreamy me-time with your beloved ones and enjoy the sunshine with MARIMEKKO HOME's blossoming collections!

"Scent is the strongest tie to memory." - said American writer, Maggie Stiefvater.

Explore more Madet Len's scents from THE LITTLE SHOP to evoke happy memories in your lifetime!

Embrace the nostalgia memories with the COCKTAIL Select Shop, naming from the Good Old Days moments spent with your beloved family and friends, traveling memories to those healing and exploration in nature.