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2022 Spring / Summer New In

45R - Spring Saijiki / Ocean Horizontal Collections


Anniversary Special


Stay Home Safe

With Timeless Home Inspirations


Featured Brands

Bringing the soon awakening nature indoors with MARIMEKKO HOME's timeless new tableware, textile, and indoor gardening items.

Celebrate nature’s art  with MARIMEKKO by introducing a fresh lens onto the wonders of the botanical realm.

Update your spring look with a new MARIMEKKO BAGS & ACCESSORIES. Get inspired by our beautiful new leather bags and cotton canvas arrivals in seasonal prints and colors.

Exude a feminine modern avant garde style with 1970s Floral Romanticism, appreciate the beauty of blooming flowers with ATSURO TAYAMA.

The first bloom of spring always makes the heart sing. Continue the celebration of nature with 45R items inspired by Hayama’s beautiful scenery of ocean and beach in earthy brown & blue tones!

Takes inspiration from nature as everything comes alive in Spring, create a relaxed comfortable yet highly functional looks with COCKTAIL for your day out. 

Go Beyond Basics. Unleashed infinite imagination with ANTEPRIMA WIREBAG's latest DENIM collection - a combination of wires and denim. 

Boost up your mood and incite positivity with ANTEPRIMA's fantasy resort, embrace a twist of surreal escapism and ebullience.

Delicately handcrafted, unique treasures from THE LITTLE SHOP. Add a cheerful vibe with eye catching jewellery pieces with an elegant touch.