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Sale has started today! The latest Spring Summer collections of ANTEPRIMA, MARIMEKKO, COCKTAIL and ATSURO TAYAMA now available up to 40% off. Shop with special offers now before they're gone!

MARIMEKKO new collectibles have arrived. Yet another interpretation of the Unikko (poppy) print, the gorgeously gigantic Suur-Unikko (giant poppy) now brings joy in the newest edition of our anniversary mug set. Make sure to get your own keepsake – and raise a toast to the seven decades of bold prints and colors!

New tank bags are available with various colours and patterns!  Let the signature 45R smile brighten up your days! 

[GIVEAWAY] From now till 15 June, the first 10 orders for purchasing $4500 or more 45R items will receive a limited denim tank bag!

*not applicable to 45R OUTLET items

Available in vibrant colourways, ANTEPRIMA WIREBAG's trendy MINI STANDARD Collection exudes a fruity and tropical aura. Inject piles of happiness and playfulness to colour up your life with positive energy!

[GIVEAWAY] Starting from today, receive an ANTEPRIMA WIREBAG Bag Scarf for purchasing any Standard Mini Teardrop Wirebag, Classic Standard Wirebag or Standard Round Medium Wirebag!

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Look smart and confident at all times! Selected ATSURO TAYAMA Spring Summer items are now available at discounted price. Get your hands on these modern and stylish pieces for your daily mix and match!

With growing importance of sustainability, ANTEPRIMA would like to take a new step forward by creating sustainable designs using natural materials. Refined and elegant details coupled with the feel-good fabrics of cotton, linen and silk create enduring yet versatile pieces that last over time. 

Selected Spring Summer pieces are now available on sale up to 40% off. Build up your own versatile ANTEPRIMA wardrobe to exude the beauty of femininity.

Let nature into your life with THE LITTLE SHOP's Salakauppa (secrets of Russia) beautiful collections! Blending plants, fruits and animals with the Russian traditional craftsmanship, enjoy a soothing and calm day with these Russian “secrets” in a dash of creativity.