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MARIMEKKO, the Finnish design house renowned for its “Art of Printmaking”, shares joy and happiness to everyday life through its bold prints and colors.  Their original prints are interpreted through a range of stylish Nordic-spirit home items as well as ready-to-wear for strong, empowered women of the modern world.


芬蘭設計品牌Marimekko 以其「圖案創作藝術」聞名於世,透過將奪目原創圖案及色彩配搭,呈現在洋溢北歐色彩的家品及賦予現代女性勇氣力量的衣飾之上,為人們日常生活帶來歡欣。




Spring/Summer 2023 ready-to-wear

For the year 2023, Finnish design house Marimekko sets a completely new mood. The Pre-Spring 2023 collection draws inspiration from Retro Futurism. A carefully curated continuum of archival Marimekko prints is combined with invigorating, retrospective fashion cues, and more responsible material choices. The new season’s wardrobe plays with monochromatism, the mix of architectural and organic form, and the fascinating dialogue between positive and negative space.

This season’s 1960’s space-age fashion references are seen through retro-futuristic shapes, the mini length, extra-wide trouser styles, and the return of the skort. These nostalgic classics are tweaked for the modern age by the choice of material and print alike. Retro sport and utilitarian influences are communicated through the functional application of pockets, drawstrings, zippers, and metallic snap buttons. Aligning with the fashion language of the 60’s, silhouettes of the season are A-line and straight.

受活力、無畏創新和樂觀主義的啟發,Marimekko 2023 年的年度主題為快樂未來主義(Joyful Futurism)。早春系列從Marimekko 印花檔案庫中精選了出典藏圖案,再結合充滿活力的春季色調、復古時尚細節和環保材質,打造出Retro Futurism(復古未來主義)早春系列。Marimekko 透過永恆而有意義的設計,繼續為人們的日常生活帶來美麗和快樂的理念。

新一季著重運用單一色調與建築感廓型融合,以及正負空間對比,產生的迷人視覺效果。充滿復古未來感的剪裁、短版上衣、闊長褲以及skort元素都紛紛回歸,這些1960年代的 space-aged fashion 元素在全新面料與印花圖案的演繹下煥發出新時代的活力。從口袋、抽繩、拉鍊和磁吸扣等設計細節展現復古運動風和實用功能主義。版型上以A字形和直筒為主,均為60年代的標誌性時尚風格。

Materials & Sustainability 

The Fall/Winter 2022 collection introduces varied new sustainable alternatives in seasonal entities. Highlights include comfy knits made of responsibly sourced wool and a selection of both down- and padded jackets, that are made from 100% recycled polyester (padding included). Recycled polyester generates approximately fifteen percent less greenhouse emissions compared to conventional polyester. In addition, the collection introduces a new material EcoVero™, which is a more sustainable viscose made from wood and pulp from controlled and certified sources. Production of EcoVero™ generates approximately thirty percent less greenhouse gas emissions and significantly less water is consumed in the production process compared to conventional viscose. In addition, many sustainable entities introduced in past collections are also continued for this season, i.e. the Funny bags that are made utilizing leftover fabric.


2022秋冬系列在本季單品中應用了多種新型可持續環保材料,主打單品包括以責任羊毛製成的舒適針織衫,以及一系列以100%再生聚酯纖維和羽絨製成的保暖服飾。與傳統聚酯纖維相比,再生聚酯纖維在生產時可減少約15%的溫室氣體排放。2022秋冬系列還引入了全新EcoVeroTM材料,這是一種更為環保的粘膠材料,由獲得管理認證的木材和木漿原料製成。與生產傳統粘膠材料相比,生產EcoVeroTM材料可減少約30%的溫室氣體排放,並且顯著減少了對水資源的消耗。此外,之前已面市的多款可持續環保單品,諸如採用生產過程中的剩餘布料製成的Funny Bag,也將繼續在本季中出現。