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Paris-based Japanese designer ATSURO TAYAMA is most reputed for his innovative designs that combine the subtlety of his Eastern influence with the more relaxed and fluid silhouettes of the West.  An intellectual in fashion who carried on with his hallmark style of avant-garde asymmetry, form and volume in a mannish vibe.




Fall Winter 2019 Collection

Born in 1982, designer Atsuro Tayama is deeply inspired by the popular avant-garde trend in fashion at that time which his masterpieces are created using plenty of avant-garde elements and showcased the power of masculinity meets femininity. 2019 Spring Summer collection moved away from the brand’s usual style to embrace minimalism in which denim played a key role. For the latest Autumn Winter Collection, however, Mr. Tayama decides to bring back his signature avant-garde style by meticulously combines the popular avant-garde elements with military and sports chic details seen frequently in 80s for refreshing yet unique designs.