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Paris-based Japanese designer ATSURO TAYAMA is most reputed for his innovative designs that combine the subtlety of oriental brilliance from the East with Parisian craftsmanship. The debut of his signature collection ATSURO TAYAMA in Paris in 1991 distinctively reflected his design philosophy that “Fashion is a universal language”, emphasizing on comfort, in creation of the unique Atsuro Tayama women style. ATSURO TAYAMA women always look elegant with a hint of masculinity exuded from within.


The signature TAYAMA’s style is being carried on every season with fresh looks to cater to the same elegant and spirited woman, with sophisticated casuals to stylish mannish suits that spell a touch of airiness and complexity, utilizing at the same time the latest techniques in materials and patterns to underline his signature style.


以巴黎為基地的日籍設計師田山淳朗,擅長把西方神髓揉合東方色彩,設計出非同凡響的前衛時裝。 1991年他在巴黎發表的首個時裝系列,充份展示出他的設計哲學:時裝是世界共通的語言,設計以舒適為大前提,打造專屬Tayama Woman的風格。Tayama Woman建基於女性的嫵媚,卻同時結合了男服的細節,也融入了Mannish的硬朗個性,剛柔並重。


田山淳朗的簽名式設計每季都會加入不同色彩及主題,以新穎的造型現身,迎合一眾優雅自主的女性。由精緻的優閒服到型格的中性套裝,品牌貫徹 Mannish Style與女性優雅的結合風格,同時以嶄新技術,圖案及面料去延續其風