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Spring Summer 2021

30th Anniversary Collections



30th Anniversary Tee Collections - Garden Portrait & Floral Embroidery



This month, the 30th anniversary tees are back featuring Mr. Tayama’s favourite theme – Nature. The "Garden Portrait" collection featured the photo of the blooming flowers of Mr. Tayama's home in Kumamoto, matched with words “La Gentillesse” and “Élégance” beneath the print represent the kindness and elegance of Tayama women. The "Floral Embroidery" collection displayed the embroidery technique of the brand, creating firework-like floral embroideries to represent the hope for the coming future.



Floral Prints and Corsage


Floral designs have always been one of the iconic prints of ATSURO TAYAMA.  To balance the mannish vibe and feminism for a soft avant garde touch, neutral bluish and white tones are used to match with delicate patchwork, pleats and corsage details. Modified and enriched, let these floral patterns unleash your creativity in styling and bring you positive vibes throughout the days.




30th Anniversary Tee Collections - Patchwork and Sketches


To celebrate the 30th anniversary, ATSURO TAYAMA revisits the classic designs and recreates some of the iconic designs of embroidery, patchwork, prints and art sketches into four tee collections. This March, patchwork that plays with stripe pattern fabrics and sketches drawn by Mr. Tayama that features his favourite scenery, close friends and daily lives are launched.



Military x Sports



Blending military green with other earth tone colours such as beige, the collection relaxes and creates balance of body and mind. While upholding the basis of sports elements such as tape and mesh details, baggy cutting as well as windbreaker material are matched with pleats and twin set arrangements, giving this classic theme some refreshments.





Black on Black



With black being one of the best representing colours of avant garde style, another collection that focuses in layering this timeless colour is launched. Though the pieces are dark in colour, delicate details such as crochet details, bubble sleeves designs are added for a modern and feminine touch.