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Sustainability at Marimekko


Sustainability is part of Marimekko’s DNA and sustainability considerations are part of the daily work of everyone at Marimekko. Our design philosophy and our operations have always been based on a sustainable approach: we want to provide our customers with timeless, functional and durable products that bring them long-lasting joy and that they will not want to throw away



Sustainability is playing an increasing role

All the three sustainability principles are present in the Fall collection


Timeless design brings joy for generations to come

We are committed to making desirable products and garments that are never just thrown away. Through timeless design and long-lasting quality, our goal is to inspire meaningful relationships that continue through generations.


The product of tomorrow leave no trace

We are already investing and innovating in new technologies, materials, and the ways we operate our business. And powerful collaborations are the way to drive these changes. Not just for us as a company but for the entire industry. An early priority is aligning our emission targets with those of the Paris Climate Agreement.



Positive change through fairness & equality

“Promote fairness and equality towards everyone and everything.” This is the principle we build our value chain around. We select our supplier partners with care and actively engage with them in supporting their journeys towards continued positive change.



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