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Spring/Summer 2022 - Tasaraita x Unikko

Meet the Extraordinaries


 The Tasaraita (even stripe) shirt is the perfect example of something so perfectly ordinary that it has become extraordinary. This spring, we proudly present the updated Tasaraita shirt with two icons coming together, as Unikko (poppy) is now seen on our stripy classic.



With the 'Meet the extraordinaries’ campaign we want to examine and question the concept of ordinary and introduce the Tasaraita shirt as one example of an extraordinary ordinary thing. What is the most extraordinary thing in your life? The answer is brought to life through interesting personalities transforming their timeless objects into items that are extraordinary. The Extraordinaries are a group of people who use ordinary objects extraordinarily to create their work. Whether it’s a healing crystal, a paintbrush or a camera, these objects, along with the Tasaraita shirt, are the purposeful, timeless classics that make things happen. Meet the extraordinaries. Meet Daze, Melissa and Jameela.

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Meet Daze, Melissa and Jameela

These three interesting personalities have transformed their own timeless, perfectly ordinary objects into items that are extraordinary. Whether it’s a healing crystal, a paintbrush or a camera, these objects, along with the Tasaraita shirt, are the purposeful, timeless classics that make things happen.

Jameela is a photographer, creative director and DJ.

“I feel in love with film, I just love the way it captures true color and skin tones.”


Melissa is a multimedia artist, illustrator and painter.

"These objects help me tap into my creativity by allowing me to access emotions that I once had; I need a lot of emotion to be able to make the work that I do.”


Daze is a climate justice activist.
“This nature reserve, I feel is kind of like me, but in a space. It's the urban-ness, it's the country, it's nature.”



Tasaraita since 1968

Find out how the Tasaraita shirt has become the quintessential symbol of equality and a uniform of struggling artists, movie stars, and modern-day fashionistas.