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Spring Summer 2023

Marimekko Artist Series: Landon Metz



The Marimekko Artist Series invites emerging and celebrated artists to collaborate on exclusive Marimekko capsule collections.



The series was introduced to push the art of printmaking into uncharted waters and give creatives a new canvas on which to present their work. Featured artists echo Marimekko’s design philosophy, bold aesthetic, and optimism while offering a fresh lens for viewing art.



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This Spring, we want to share a new language with you. One flowing between image, object, and space, created by New York-based artist Landon Metz as part of our Marimekko Artist Series.





Like Marimekko, he’s fascinated by the way things connect to form patterns and moments of intimacy in life. Through swirling pools of colored dye on crisp white fabric, he’s evolved his language of rhythmic gestures with an effortless collection of garments, accessories, and bags, printed exclusively at our Helsinki factory. 


Processing life on canvas

In his sanctuary of a studio in New York, Landon Metz responds to what’s happening to him and the world at large with his own form of alchemy. The painter, who grew up in the Arizonian desert, works to the rhythm of his environment, letting sensitivity guide his practice.



There’s a philosophical motivation for the repetition in his work, which involves splashing pools of dye onto unprimed canvas. Organic forms quietly reveal themselves as he slow dances with the material, resulting in harmonious compositions that transcend the object as, what he calls, the peripheral bleed of life.





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