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Pre-Fall 2022

Art to wear



How to nourish our minds and lift our spirits in a world of change? We believe that the answer is rooted in creativity and touches left by the human hand in the form of art. Marimekko’s pre-fall 2022 collection revolves around the connection between the body, soul, and nature.




With her amorphous abstract paintings, French artist Virginie Hucher brings an intimate and distinctly feminine approach to the world of Marimekko. The capsule designs adapt to five different paintings, celebrating the forms of the female figure.


The wearable pieces of art are characterized by mindful details that pay their ultimate homage to sculpture. To ensure an authentic, painting-like finish, the placement prints on the garments have been skillfully created at the Marimekko printing factory in Helsinki. ​The Virginie Hucher capsule consists of three dresses, a top and a skirt.




In the pre-fall 2022 collection, Virginie’s art is complemented with prints by Antti Kekki, as well as archival patterns by Maija Isola and Vuokko Eskolin-Nurmesniemi. Graphic lines meet stylized natural themes in combinable wardrobe building blocks: dresses, trousers, tops, and coats – all aligned with the season’s focus, the human touch.


The shapes of interaction

Virginie Hucher is a multidisciplinary artist renowned for her unique approach to creating art through performance, drawing, painting, and sculpture. In Virginie’s minimalistic paintings, colored masses are often centered on the canvas, escaping the rules of classical geometry. The backgrounds of the paintings are as neutral as the figures are full, and no superfluous detail disturbs their harmony.


Born and bred in Paris, and now living in Picardy, northern France, Virginie Hucher works in an eco-conscious studio, embracing a close relationship with nature. Countryside living is balanced with regular visits to the city’s buzz. 



“When I saw the form the dress took, it gave me an impression it was like a living form, like a living sculpture. – – It’s a new way of breathing life into my creations.” 

– Virginie Hucher


Get inspired by Virginie discussing the unique collaboration with Creative Director Rebekka Bay.