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Since the 1970s, Henry Cuir is a unique handcrafted Italian brand that has been designing fine leather handbags, shoes, accessories, coats & furniture. Each creation is a one of a kind and extraordinary yet classic. The founder and designer Henri Beguelin, who took inspiration from everyday life, the beauty of nature, profound emotions such as love and enthusiasm for life that he attempted to convey through his objects. The union between the past and the present is tangible, and the attention to detail and selection of materials, typical of the old handicraft technique, are combined with an attention paid to contemporary needs.


源於七十年代,Henry Cuir 是現今意大利僅有全人手製作的優質皮革品牌。系列包括手袋、鞋、大衣、配飾和家具,均是獨一無二的經典傑作。創辦人及設計師Mr. Henri Beguelin從日常生活中汲取靈感— 大自然的美妙、真摰深厚的情感、對生命的愛和熱情,他都一一把這些元素融入設計中,利用掌心的溫熱去完成每個設計。系列亦是過去和現在的結合,採用古老的手工藝技術製作的同時又不落俗套。