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Crossover Between Art & Fashion

Capsule Combining French Paintings & Soft Avant-Garde

Driven by an unyielding passion for inspiring collaborations with artists in varied fields, Atsuro Tayama presents its latest crossover capsule with Raoul Dufy, a 19th-20th century French painter revered by Mr Tayama himself. Raoul Dufy was known for still life and landscape paintings.

His style was characterised by simple lines and vibrant colours, with the mannerist distortion of forms that brings highly decorative results. Mr Tayama’s fervour for art is evidenced by his own collection of ten landscape paintings by Raoul Dufy, displayed prominently in the designer’s home in Tokyo, as if keeping a personal gallery close at hand.



Wearable Art & Soft Avant-Garde

Informed by his love for flowers and nature, Mr Tayama has chosen four flower still-life and landscape paintings by Raoul Dufy for the limited ATSURO TAYAMA x RAOUL DUFY capsule collection. In homage to the French maestro, all four oeuvres are represented in their entirety on blouses, sweatshirts and skirts in a prominent proportion. As Mr Tayama has it, paintings live within frames. The paintings of Raoul Dufy are framed by ruches and laces, as a typical soft avant-garde touch-up that breathes life into the blown-up prints. The crispy black-white-green palette of soft avant-garde is offset by the poetic sensation of the masterpieces, underpinning the masculine-feminine balance that contributes to the House’s poised elegance – with the lively soul of art at its core.



The annual artistic crossover project led by Atsuro Tayama is an attempt to blur the line between art and everyday living, making art and the unique sentiment attached to its accessible through fashion. The ATSURO TAYAMA X RAOUL DUFY capsule collection will be officially launched on 21 November.