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Do You Know The Secret To Happiness?

生活忙得喘不過氣時,是時候暫緩一下腳步,思考自己是否還在追求幸福的道路上。或許先放下您的煩憂,讓我們帶領您走過創作總監IZUMI OGINO及其設計團隊今個秋冬尋覓幸福的路途,看看能否為您帶來啟發之餘,亦讓您率先掌握新季時裝重點,為稍後換季做好準備!

When life gets too busy, it’s time to take a moment for reflection whether you are on the right track towards "HAPPINESS". Follow our journey to finding “HAPPINESS” this fall winter season, hope this offers you with insights from life to upcoming styling highlights. Are you ready?




幸福是 ________

What is happiness?


一杯好喝的咖啡?與閨蜜愛人的週末約會?在事業上打拼做個女強人?幸福其實並無規限,勇於追求自己渴望的一切,讓自己活得舒適愉快正正就是ANTEPRIMA WOMEN的寫照。

A nice cuppa? Weekend date with loved ones? Satisfaction at work? Happiness is undefinable from our point of view and being yourself to enjoy life is what we portray of the ANTEPRIMA WOMEN.




Crafted Nature



Beauty exudes from simplicity and what you enjoy - try opt for tonal look in neutral tones (white, grey & brown), and highlight it with military green or maple red on a special day out.






有聽過「喜歡甚麼花,便是甚麼類型的女人」這個說法嗎?將呼喚幸福回憶的家樂花(KALANCHOE)形態與精神融入設計之中,提醒我們要 "LIVE THE MOMENT",每個美好卻微不足道的事物亦是一種小確幸。

Have you ever heard “Favourite flowers speak volumes about your personality”? – we adore KALANCHOE this season as it symbolises bells which ring back happy memories. Its spirit and motif are fused within the collection to remind us to live the moment as every small memory can be a source of happiness!






說起最舒適放鬆的地方,相信毫不猶疑會想起自己的家。今季繼續以Cashmere及羊毛等觸感舒適的物料,打造各式各樣富層次感卻親膚舒適的造型,讓您不論身處何方, 亦仿如置身家中感受無比舒適。

Home definitely is the prime choice when speaking of cosiest spot to stay. We determined to let you embrace this unprecedented comfort from a thoughtful mix of layered designs made of soft natural fabric like cashmere and wool, and crafted in a variation of yarn in coarse or fine weaving technique.



勿忘初衷 致敬經典




傳統固有的做法不等於守舊!傳統工藝之所以成為經典,往往因其獨特迷人之處。而以針織聞名的ANTEPRIMA亦努力不懈在傳統針織技術上創新,簡單就如單色造型配上不同粗幼、質感與織法的配搭, 亦能帶來不一樣的層次感。

Traditional crafts come with unique charm to make them timeless classics as time transcends. In ANTEPRIMA, we strive to improve our proudest knit craft, in terms of preserving and innovating from traditional knitting techniques; as we understand even subtle play of knit in a mix of coarse and fine weaves can make a monotone look feeling uniquely different.



Extending our knit craft from garment to WIREBAG, we revisited our classic fundamentals in terms of design and material and uplift them into neo classics.



Check and Argyle Check are the timeless fall winter pattern which we could never get enough of. In additional to updating pattern detail, we applied new 3D jacquard techniques to create unexpected structured outlook on knitwear to fit in needs of modern women.



今季不妨試試以簡約TONE ON TONE 或獨特PATTERN ON PATTERN為主的Oversized造型吧,凡事都需要勇氣行前一步,說不定能找到另一個更適合您的風格!

Be experimental to try WEAR THE NEW YOU in MINIMAL MONOTONES or BOLD PATTERN ON PATTERN style in oversize silhouettes!