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Baby Cashmere
Unparalleled feminine palette in luxurious comfort


Made with Baby cashmere fibers, the most valuable and luxurious natural raw material to give utmost luxury comfort with statement aesthetics.

Scarce and Precious

Only the first naturally shed fibers from shoulder and flanks of baby goats between the ages of 3 to 12 months is classified as Baby Cashmere. Every goat yields approximately 80 grams in their lives; only less than 30 grams could be used for garment production.

Origin and Traceability  

We source premium Baby Cashmere fibers from Inner Mongolia. It is said to be one of the most valuable and luxurious natural raw materials originated from the region. Each goat is coded in order to guarantee each batch of cashmere is traceable and to ensure they are well treated. 

Silky softness  

Baby Cashmere fiber has a diameter of below 13 to 13.5 microns, compared to 75 microns for an average human hair. The slender fiber has high density, so it will be less scratchy to skin.

Light in weight

Baby Cashmere is around 10% to 15% lighter than ordinary cashmere. With higher fiber density, insulation is trapped and body temperature could be maintained.