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Happiness is an icon bag.  A bag that becomes a woman’s best friend.  A companion that, like herself, is always ahead of fashion, but never out of style.  Flawlessly spun into a matrix of high-tech materials and timeless craftsmanship, each Wirebag represents the perfect balance of confidence, strength and playfulness of the independent, modern woman.










The name "PALLONCINO" meaning "Balloon" in Italian. ANTEPRIMA/WIREBAG proudly present the elegant yet adorned PALLONCINO collection which perfectly captures the essence of this captivating line. Drawing inspiration from juxtaposition of Nostalgia and modern urban influence of Milan city itself and the joyful sprit, the PALLONCINO collection beautifully blends ANTEPRIMA’ s craftsmanship and artisanal skills. The unique 3D balloon shape is a result of combining the rounded handle of the classic Standard 6T1 WIREBAG with the hobo shape of the new NODO WIREBAG.


ANTEPRIMA/WIREBAG正式推出全新PALLONCINO WIREBAG,完美地展現了經典的比例和猶如氣球般的簡潔輪廓。在意大利文中,PALLONCINO解作「Balloon氣球」的意思,系列靈感源自米蘭混合風格建築的啟發,融合ANTEPRIMA的手工藝DNA,以經典的針織工藝創造出全新擁有迷人線條的3D氣球形狀WIREBAG。


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The Lucchetto family has been cherished by our customers for more than 10 years, becoming one of the iconic designs in Wirebag history. As we continue celebrating ANTEPRIMA's remarkable 30th Anniversary milestone and push forward with fundamental concepts, our designers have reimagined and refined the ANTEPRIMA story. The result is the new incarnation of this legendary style, named 'Lucchetto II,' which has been exquisitely crafted with a fresh shape while retaining the distinctive turn lock closure that is a fundamental part of its DNA.


Lucchetto Shoulder Wirebag

The redesigned Lucchetto II Collection based on our legendary line LUCCHETTO, has reinforced the functionality, transforming from cross-body bag to handheld clutch. This transformation was achieved by extending the length of the bag and reducing its volume. With its new dimensions of 19cm x 9cm, overall simplicity has been greatly improved.