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Happiness is an icon bag.  A bag that becomes a woman’s best friend.  A companion that, like herself, is always ahead of fashion, but never out of style.  Flawlessly spun into a matrix of high-tech materials and timeless craftsmanship, each Wirebag represents the perfect balance of confidence, strength and playfulness of the independent, modern woman.









ANTEPRIMA/WIREBAG continues to drive the craze for Mini Bags with designs that combine form and function. Following the ADESSO MINIATURA WIREBAG that reimagines the iconic structured ADESSO WIREBAG in new proportion, and the dainty yet elegant POLKA WIREBAG, the new STANDARD CATENA WIREBAG takes the season by storm with a fashion-forward chain strap. In myriad styles and a versatile seasonal palette, the WIREBAG elevates your every look with great styling flexibility from casual chic to effortless elegance.


Mini Bags 迷你手袋風繼續盛行,ANTEPRIMA/WIREBAG 貫徹理念把外觀與實用性合二為一。繼早前以標誌性的ADESSO WIREBAG方型設計縮少成別致迷你的ADESSO MINIATURA WIREBAG版本外,POLKA WIREBAG更在設計中加入波點圖案,充滿俏皮玩味感而不失女性韻味。今季推出的STANDARD CATENA WIREBAG亦換上個性的鏈帶設計,為手袋加入亮眼元素;值得一提的是今季昇華演繹的經典款式LUCCHETTO II WIREBAG,在意大利文中帶有Padlock意思的全新LUCCHETTO II WIREBAG繼續保留既有的十字轉鎖扣及優雅外型,特別加厚的底部設計亦令內裡空間感十足,而且鏈帶可隨意調校長短,讓您在任何場合都能增添個人時尚品味!不論您以休閒簡約或優雅造型示人,不同款式、容量的WIREBAG手袋都以多款時尚百搭的秋冬色調帶來驚喜,讓您看起來更加與眾不同!   


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Adesso Wirebag

Adesso means "RIGHT NOW"! ADESSO MINIATURA gives a sharp impression with its lean simplicity. Using a thinner wire cord than before, it has a lightweight feel and is softer and more supple.


Calice Wirebag

Calice means cup, a fitting name inspired by the contemporary art in Chateau La Coste, Guggi Irish artists. A modern bucket shape with the iconic braiding handle.


Goccia Wirebag

Echo to Anteprima seasonal theme - power of art. This line is influences by the artchiteched art in Chateau La Coste, Richard Serra and Tom Shannon Drop. A sculptural curvy tote bag with constructed in a geometric silhouette, this piece will certainly complement your daily ensembles.


Intrecciomodo Wirebag

A new series of the Intreccio family, a trapezoid bucket bag shape is perfect carryall for hoildays. Equipped with two pairs of top handles creates a delicate feminine look.


Lucchetto II Wirebag

“LUCCHETTO” is one of Anteprima’s most classic Wirebag collections, exquisitely crafted in a slight trapeze shape with the iconic turn lock closure. The new ameliorated version was named “LUCCHETTO II”, the bag’s gusset was further enhanced for better storage capacity!


Polka Wirebag & Standard Catena Wirebag

Polka dots pattern are applied on our best-selling items Standard Wirebag (049 & 027) with longer handle & a new, easy to carry style.

Standard Catena as the perfect carryall for everyday use, a vertical small bag decorate with crochet knitted chain features intreccio braiding handle, winning you over with style and versatility.


Standard Wirebag

ANTEPRIMA's signature Standard Wirebag encompasses both practicality and style with its clean lines and versatility of design. Well-suited for both work or leisure, this mid-sized square shaped bag is a must-have to complement any fashionista's wardrobe.