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Happiness is an icon bag.  A bag that becomes a woman’s best friend.  A companion that, like herself, is always ahead of fashion, but never out of style.  Flawlessly spun into a matrix of high-tech materials and timeless craftsmanship, each Wirebag represents the perfect balance of confidence, strength and playfulness of the independent, modern woman.











Besides the 30th anniversary MARCELLO MOANDINI WIREBAG, the SS23 WIREBAG family continues to combine form and function in a stylish array of new designs and seasonal palette. The brand-new TWIST BAG is in three-dimensional structure, with an adjustable strap that allows the styling flexibility of carrying it as a shoulder bag or crossbody. Coinciding with the 30th anniversary celebration, ANTEPRIMA also reinterpreted its most iconic and coveted STANDARD WIREBAG: the NEW STANDARD collection comes with a flat, more roomy body and a magnetic clasp. The leather padded crossbody chain adds an effortlessly casual touch to the new design. In varied proportions and designs, the WIREBAG collection continues to spruce up every look in the new season.


除了與意大利建築師Morandini 先生為慶祝 ANTEPRIMA 成立 30 週年而設計的限定黑白WIREBAG系列外,春夏季的WIREBAG以多款輕巧時尚的設計及春夏色調帶上舞台,貫徹把外觀與實用性合二為一的理念。當中值得一提的是全新的TWIST BAG系列,3D立體造型靈感來自幾何原始圖案碎片的拼接,肩帶更可隨意調校長短,無論單揹或斜揹都可配襯出不同時尚造型。而藉著30週年慶典,ANTEPRIMA亦將最暢銷和最具代表性的STANDARD WIREBAG變身升華為NEW STANDARD系列,全新扁平版本以及帶有磁扣的開口使其內部空間寬敞,皮革肩墊斜挎鍊更為手袋加入休閒簡約元素。不論您以任何造型示人,不同款式、容量的WIREBAG手袋都以多款時尚百搭的春夏色調帶來驚喜,讓您看起來更加與眾不同!   




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Twist Bag

Izumi San has always been known for her concept-driven approach to design that inspired by Contemporary art. We relook how art been influenced ANTEPRIMA DNA to define 7 elements of art to interpret into this SS23 collection.

This 3D form shape bag is inspired by an Italian architect - Mr. Morandini who explore deconstruction via splicing that breaks down pieces into simple, geometric original pattern pieces in 3D form.


Standard Wirebag

ANTEPRIMA's signature Standard Wirebag encompasses both practicality and style with its clean lines and versatility of design. Well-suited for both work or leisure, this mid-sized square shaped bag is a must-have to complement any fashionista's wardrobe.


Intreccio Pico

Intreccio means " a tangle of wires" in Italian. Beyond and addition to the scope of ordinary knitting application on ready to wear and Wirebags, explored various materials and graphics bringing a joyful character and fun factor with creativity.


Motivo Bordo Colorato

Carmen Herrera is one of the influencer for ANTEPRIMA seasonal image this year. She is the pioneers of geometric abstraction & she has produced “Structures” sculpture series furthering the architectonically oriented abstraction, aside from her paintings.



Fiori Mimosa Wirebag

The yellow flowers are said to be "happy flowers" that indicate the end of the cold harsh winter and the arrival of warm spring. The 23SS collection intakes pattern of Mimosa and Rape blossoms.

Mimosa flowers is known for symbolic flowers associated with International Women's Day (especially in Italy). Also, they represent a symbol of appreciation, strength, good sensibility and “expand” your future, which is a perfect flower for ANTEPRIMA 30th anniversary.


Animale Wirebag

To extend the core collection of Animale, refresh the previous dog & cat motivov to give a reflection of past, now & future for ANTEPRIMA.



Motive Gradiazione Wirebag

Along with the resurgence of 1960s fashion influences this season, color- blocked prints, and paneling in monochrome with contrasting yet complementary shades lend modern, tactile appeal to collection.

This seasons we introduced 046 bag hues with a unique gradient effect, inspired by the psychedelic sunsets , seasides and graden to enhance the bag geometric lines.


Motivo Charm

Selections of mini bag charms are available for mix and match.

All charms come with detachable long metal chains. Customers can effortlessly ensemble the charms with any bag or wallet. The 3D Fruits, Shape and animals charms are so adorable to decorate your bag with apt amount of enjoyment.