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LIFE IMITATES THE ART : Refining the Experience of ANTEPRIMA and contemporary art



ANTEPIRMA Celebrates 30th Anniversary and it is a significant moment for Creative Director Izumi Ogino to reflect her past, now and future.

Slow future is about remembering the past, in order to imagine the future.
In 23SS, ANTEPRIMA will dedicate interpreting a brand’s history and bringing fundamental concepts to forward, using memory as a springboard for creativity.


“Only women who had been in sorrow and difficulty in life can grow strong, kind and acquire the true beauty”



ANTEPRIMA DNA to define 6 elements of art to interpret into this SS23 collection



Line distortion - Variegated stripes and a diagonal alignment bring newness to the ever-ordinary line.



1960s pop graphical and geometric dots hits the collection, moving on retro vibe to contemporary. Prints are amplified to oversized proportions and adorn head-to-toe looks for graphic impact. Unexpected color combinations feel new set against undulating black and white.


iii. 3D Form of the shape – ARCHITECTURE INSPIRED

“Architecture is an idea of a community: architecture constructs these emotions, and the construction is in the place of overlap, something that joins us.” – Marcello Morandini

Explore deconstruction via splicing that breaks down pieces into simple, geometric original pattern pieces in 3D form. Also play with contrast of the light and the shadow effectively.



The combination and contrast of black and white reflect the negative/positive space, stillness and motion, which makes a visually stimulating and bold impact this season. Used in sophisticated color-blocking, distorted lines and geometric patterns, this classic pairing lends a simple, yet fresh and uniqueness to finish the collections.



Color Separation - Color-blocked prints, and paneling in monochrome with contrasting yet complementary shades lend modern, tactile appeal to collection.

Colors Edgy - Inspired by Carmen Herrera’s art works, apply the bold color effectively in dynamic geometric shape. Bold color blocking Contrast-hued panels inject a pop of graphic excitement to collections.

vi. VALUE – Smart, Precious, with Love

Summer Shimmering

Shimmering materials make a shining summer statement. New additions to the neutral metallic palette, alongside with delicate detail and artisanal-style craftwork create subtle yet alluring elegant appeal.

• Iridescent shimmer: digital shimmer and rainbow iridescent finishes. Wirebag will have an Aurora shine color.

• Pearlescent: take metallics into a softer realm via pearlized shimmer, inspired by beachcombed shells.

• White Silver: comforted by neutrals metal colors, silver offer alternative metallics for a refreshing summer glow. Apply for this metallic for trimming and detail execution of ready to wear.

SS23 Key Flower: Mimosa / Rape Blossoms

The yellow flowers are said to be "happy flowers" that indicate the end of the cold harsh winter and the arrival of warm spring. The 23SS collection intakes pattern of Mimosa. Mimosa flowers is known for symbolic flowers associated with International Women's Day (especially in Italy). Also, they represent a symbol of appreciation, strength, good sensibility and “expand” your future, which is a perfect flower for ANTEPRIMA 30th anniversary.


Taking initiative toward to sustainability, applying ecological polyester, best cotton initiative, also Anteprima working on to make recyclable wire yarn.


Highlighted Looks

A walking Piece of art 
Maxi light-weight robe coat Knitted in monochrome vertical stripe with wavy linking to interpret the concept of Line Distortion.
A contemporary approach of graphic stripe mixing in crisp technical yarns. A Knitted body with Modulo patterned created by Marccello Morandini.

A tailored knitted sleeveless

A Pannelled A-line skirt in Ectremely tactile stripe in various knitted construction 
Powerful colors take note of early 70's graphic art

A knitted vest with pattern 
Modulo created by Marccelo

Blocking silk organza large

Structural Knit wear
Shape with 3D cutting for bold volume sleeve in a cropped-zipped

Thick and thin typical stripe in different direction with clashing combinations in recycled viscose blended

Ecological Material
Provides soft cushioning, stretchy texture in knitted pinstripe with vivid color comb. A cropped top and a semi wrap around bra


More SS23 Show Looks



‘Smart, Precious with LOVE’

Founded and creatively directed by Izumi Ogino, ANTEPRIMA is a collection of timeless, effortless and sophisticated collection designed for modern women to last, season after season; ageless and borderless, where minimalism takes centre stage with quality textures such as the brand’s DNA knit wear, loose silhouettes and refined details. ANTEPRIMA finds empowerment, inner strength and confident in essential shapes and tonal hues that form the basis of a classic wardrobe. Inspired by Izumi’s wide array of life experiences, travel and exposure to fashion and art from around the world, she saw the need to create a brand that is both versatile and timeless for smart stylish women of all ages and backgrounds; Women who draw their own lives .Embodying her own taste of style, Izumi designed collection that are feminine with sporty edge, classic yet modern, and simple – with a pop of personality.