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#ANTEPRIMA Embrace Love

“Women Empowerment” Moments among the women community.


What comes to your mind when you think of “Women Empowerment”?

For Creative Director Izumi Ogino, courage must be one of many qualities that she shares with other empowered women as she broke through the glass ceiling as well as the social expectation for her when she started ANTEPRIMA. 


To celebrate the International Women’s Day, Izumi Ogino shared her empowerment story alongside three trailblazing women in their fields: artist Mizuki Nishiyama, actress Grace Chan, and pilot Christina Ho. 



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30 years ago, Izumi Ogino started her own fashion label and redefined femininity and elegance ever since.

As if being fearless is her nature, she also knocked the door in Milan early in her career and became the first Japanese female designer in 1998 to join the prestigious Milano Moda Donna fashion show.



“Eye has to travel. Don’t be afraid of trying and always try your best and take it step by step, one day you will achieve what you want.” said Izumi Ogino, Creative Director of ANTEPRIMA.


That’s one of the reasons why she fled to Milan to pursue her fashion dream 30 years ago, when Internet didn’t even exist. With sincerity and passion, opportunity knocked at her door. She became the first Japanese female designer to join the Milano Moda Donna Collection.


Izumi believes that women should always set their sights on something bigger and to keep an eye on what’s going on in the world because it will open you up to new ways of living and being as well as widen your perspectives when you experience new connections with people and immerse in different cultures.



Get inspired by Izumi Ogino




- #Vulnerability -

Grace Chan: Unleash Your True Self And Follow Your Heart

An actress, fashionista, entrepreneur and supermom to three kids…etc.

Grace is a great example of modern women’s multitasking ability. Although many assume it takes a mind of steel to fill in the multiple roles, she thinks acknowledging vulnerability is the biggest strength one can have.




By virtue of her creativity and genuine personality, Grace is beloved by fans alike through her light-hearted social content around her work and family life. To Grace, there is still misconception that men are more competent and well off and we can practice more gender equality in the business world and all aspects of life.


Being multifaceted in different areas she has built upon, Grace makes sure she dedicates time to the things she is passionate about. Sometimes it is easy to get caught up by others’ opinion but realized it is important to stay focused on yourself. "My biggest breakthrough is finally understanding that it is not about what others think of you but how you perceive yourself and how you set about to accomplish what you love to do and your dreams as well.”


To her, vulnerability does not mean weakness but an opportunity to grow. "Vulnerability is a beautiful thing as it allows you to humble yourself and ask for help from someone who you feel connected to and makes you feel stronger." The love she receives from herself, her family and her career led her to inspire and influence others.



Get inspired by Grace Chan



- #Identity -

Mizuki Nishiyama: Infuse Art With New Energy

Growing up in an artistic family in Japan, there is no doubt that Mizuki has passion for art in her blood but it was her Japanese roots and gender that made it challenging to identify herself in the Western contemporary art world.

Nevertheless, she found her complexity as a precious gift and she proudly embraces it now while switching roles between a celebrated artist and a PhD student in London.



Born into a family of artists, Mizuki Nishiyama has a natural intuition for the themes and styles she wants to explore as she travels between Hong Kong, New York, Japan and Italy, and recently she relocates to London to pursue further education and research. Being exposed to such many cultural influences, she enjoys meeting with different mentors who guide her throughout the journey and broaden her perspectives.

While failing or rejection will often be part of the process for an artist, Mizuki is constantly positive and looking for new ways to achieve her goals. "I tend to be my biggest doubter all the time, but I guess being an artist is very much about having a real power and confidence and ability to get yourself back into order."

To Mizuki, the art world is inherently traditional. Sometimes female artists or artists of different races are being tokenized. Mizuki wishes she can make a change to the industry by representing her own experiences and take a greater self and that more female artists are recognized for their immense abilities. It is good to see young, promising artists like Mizuki who are self-cultivated and steadfast in her pursuit of art.


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- #Determination -

Christina Ho: Be The Aviator of Your Life 

As a fashion-designer-turned-pilot, Christina thinks the hardest part of pursuing her dream job is not the training, but the doubt and worry expressed by people around her.

Fortunately, she was determined enough to change the path and became a member of 5% of female commercial pilots in the world.



The sky has no limits. From fashion designer, flight attendant to becoming a pilot, Christina took a big leap of faith to accomplish her dream. Statistics suggest aviation remains a heavily male-dominated industry, considering only 5 percent of the world’s pilots are women. Switching from an artist mindset to studying about engineering, Christina did feeling behind from other classmates who have flown for many years but then she realized there is no need to compare with others. "Be yourself and know what you are good at. Use something you are good at, they are transferable."

On her road to aviation, Christina was grateful to have the support from her mom and a retired captain who encouraged her to be fearless and don't forget who you are. She also deeply inspired by all the female pilots in the past who started off their journey which was not easy at all. "If they have their courage at that time, I may have my courage at my time, in my generation and I will pass it on, pave it forward for my generation."

To Christina, there seems a lack of role model in the aviation industry. So she determines to play her part in challenging this, giving her time to share her story at schools and organizations. "Not just inspire them to be a pilot but to inspire them to do whatever they want."


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“Eye has to travel. Don’t be afraid of trying, always try your best and take it step by step.”

- Creative Director Izumi Ogino



Women should always set her eyes on something bigger and to keep an eye on what’s going on in the world as you never know what might open a new door, or a new way of living and being. And when you truly believe in yourself, nothing will be able to stop you.