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SS20 Inspirational Trip to Havana






Why Havana?







I visited Havana last April for Havana Biennale. Havana was known as a Lost City and I was very curious to go not only to see the art but also the city itself.

去年4月我專程到古巴首都Havana去參觀於當地舉行的藝術雙年展(Havana Biennale), 亦希望趁機好好遊覽、了解一下這個被稱譽為「失落之城」的地方。



First Impression about Havana






“Vivid colors, cheerful music, magnificent tropical landscape and bright smiles”




About Cubans's life




Cubans still praising their life so much despite suffering from poverty, I can see the streets filled with children playing without any high-tech gear, and old people singing and dancing. These encounters have woken me up to realize what is real 'Happiness' in one's life.




Havana Biennial 


Havana biennale made its first debut in 1984 and despite its communist background, it is amazing how the country has encouraged a contemporary art event back at that time. 
Since the first edition, the Havana Biennial has covered many great topics of interest through artistic interpretations, including the power struggle between tradition and modern day cultures, historical colonization challenges, art & society,  reflection, man and memory, life with art and urban life.





Message For Everyone


It is the philosophy of ANTEPRIMA to inspire and empower modern society women to seek real 'happiness' in life and reach for your dreams.





No one you love is ever truly lost. Dare to dream. Live on purpose.

-- Ernest Hemingway 海明威