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As Creative Director of ANTEPRIMA, Izumi Ogino draws design inspirations from her passion of globetrotting and different contemporary art forms. Apart from fusing art elements in designs and devoted to support art industry as always, she shares this art passion to everyone by promoting various young upcoming artists via collaborations, as well as annual art event which takes place in our Milan flagship during Milan Salone.
During the exploration of SS20 Havana-themed collection, the vibrant yet unconventional artworks from upcoming Lithuanian illustrator Kissi Ussuki which channels same modern women ideal as ANTEPRIMA, have led to this Art-meets-Fashion collaboration.
於世界各地旅途中遇到不同的文化場景,以及對當代藝術的熱愛是ANTEPRIMA創意總監荻野泉 (Izumi Ogino) 重要的靈感之源。除了於設計中滲入相關元素,Izumi Ogino亦致力支持及推廣各地藝術創作,身體力行發掘不同新進藝術家,更於每年米蘭設計週期間在品牌米蘭旗艦店舉辦展覽,讓更多人認識他們。
在創作以「HAVANA」為設計主題的2020春夏系列期間,Izumi Ogino從立陶宛新進插畫家Kissi Ussuki之超現實主義插畫中找到共鳴,與ANTEPRIMA傳達同一份對現代女性的理想形象,因此促成了這次藝術與時尚的跨界聯乘合作。
Sharing the same feminine yet sophisticated vibe in creation, as an advocate of finding unconventional beauty, Kissi’s surreal illustrations of big shape and flat color draws on humorous moments of women, aiming to let people feel joy and fun from her works. The illustrator dedicated four illustrations exclusive to ANTEPRIMA by fusing her signature colorful and playful graphic with ANTEPRIMA SS20 collection theme – Havana, where she reimagined the exotic nature of Havana and peculiar local elements (Marisposa and Tocororo) in her own aesthetics. 
與ANTEPRIMA同樣於創作中勾勒出女性優雅嫵媚的面貌,插畫家Kissi主張透過奪目色彩及圖案為插畫設計構圖,並以超現實手法描繪女性幽默風趣的時刻與尋覓不平凡的美麗,讓人從其畫作之中感受到喜悅玩味。今次Kissi將品牌春夏系列的「HAVANA」主題元素 (野薑花及咬鵑) 以獨特美學風格作另類演繹,加入其標誌性的多彩玩味設計,創作出專屬聯乘系列的四幅全新插畫。
These exclusive illustrations are also an expression of the ANTEPRIMA woman ideal who is bold and spontaneous, yet elegance; who is a free spirit with sense of humour.
Available in bold colors as well as monochrome tone rarely-used by Kissi, these exclusive artworks Kissi created for ANTEPRIMA are transformed into ensembles of tee, knitwear and arm candy to add a dose of playfulness and elegance every day. 
系列專屬插畫完美展現ANTEPRIMA對女性的理想形象 :「她」具備優雅自強的特質、「她」富幽默個性、「她」崇尚自由,隨性而行,活出自我。




In additional to graphic tees featuring the exclusive illustrations, some tee designs also incorporates our seasonal quote which is derived from famous writer Ernest Hemingway - "Dare to dream; Live on Purpose". All tee designs available in versatile monochromes to complement every style.
除了使用Kissi特別為聯乘系列設計的插畫圖案外,部分T恤亦把當季箴言 ─ 來自著名美國作家海明威的名言「敢於夢想,勇於實踐」(Dare to dream; Live on Purpose)融入設計之中。所有款式備有易襯黑白兩色,迎合不同日常配搭需要。



Revealed on the SS20 runway previously, an inventive take on ANTEPRIMA signature knitwear which featured these distinctive graphics on the sweater designs using double jacquard and intarsia techniques respectively.




This artistic iteration of our classic STANDARD tote with Kissi’s Havana woman illustration exudes a playfulness vibes as the accessories embellished on the woman are all detachable parts that you can personalise your WIREBAG or wear them as brooches to highlight you daily look. 
STANDARD WIRE TOTE遇上Kissi的Havana女性插畫,讓經典WIREBAG添上藝術風韻之餘,同時散發著一絲玩味;值得留意的是,點綴於Havana女性上的配飾全為可拆卸配件,可隨心扣在WIREBAG上的不同位置作個性演繹,或分開當作飾針配戴點亮日常造型。




Justė Urbonavičiūtė aka Kissi Ussukiis a freelance illustrator based in Vilnius, Lithuania. She likes to draw faces, hands and other body parts, and she likes surreal and absurd compositions. Especially if they are pink. Aside from drawing and painting, she is also a photographer, art director and graphic designer who enjoys making artwork for local and international brands. The more varied work she can do, the more inspired she gets.
Justė Urbonavičiūtė又名Kissi Ussuki,為立陶宛自由插畫家。她喜歡以繪畫面、手以及其他身體部位,尤其喜歡以粉紅色調展現超現實主義插畫風格。除了繪畫之外,身兼攝影師、藝術總監和平面設計師的她喜歡為當地本土及國際品牌創作藝術品,並從多樣化的工作項目中汲取無窮靈感。