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- #Curiousity -

Jocelyn Chan: Love is what dares us to be our best selves


The world is vast, filled with endless mysteries and challenges, right?



When faced with the many unknowns of life and the world, singer-songwriter Jocelyn Chan describes herself as a curious explorer. She embraces a variety of new experiences such as astrology, tarot, sound therapy, acting, and singing to accumulate knowledge and navigate the uncharted realms of existence, hoping to discover a clear path amidst the uncertainties of life.


Looking back at the past three years of the pandemic, many things we wanted to do were forced to halt. We also lost precious people during this time. Jocelyn, too, admits that the pandemic has been an extremely tough period for her. She lost many opportunities to perform on stage and found herself temporarily lost and questioning her worth. Fortunately, the sudden abundance of free time motivated her to study more. She decided to learn and successfully obtained a certificate as a Sound Healing therapist. This opened a brand-new path in Jocelyn's life.


Work, Dream and Life of Jocelyn

Below J: Jocelyn


Q1: Can you share with us a time when you faced significant setbacks or challenges in life? How did you take care of yourself?What is your greatest strength and passion in work and life?

J: During the early stages of the pandemic, everything came to a halt. Even if we wanted to do something, we felt powerless. It was a significant challenge for me and many others. I was even stranded in the United States for six months. Unable to release music or perform as usual, I felt a deep sense of emptiness for the first time. I even questioned my identity as a singer, wondering, "Who am I now?"


As for how to overcome this situation, the most important thing is to keep doing something. For example, during the pandemic, I took the opportunity to pursue a certification in Sound Healing purely out of my love for music and a desire to enhance my skills. Little did I know that this would become a turning point in my life. It allowed me to incorporate elements of Sound Healing into my songs, helping more people and connecting with different individuals and their stories. Therefore, it is crucial not to limit our possibilities and to try other things to grow and breakthrough.


Always remember to hold onto hope. Even if what we are doing now seems useless, unexpected rewards may emerge in the coming months or years. No matter how difficult it is now, it's important not to dwell on negative thoughts but to focus on doing what you genuinely want. By being true to ourselves, adjusting our frequencies, and listening to the voice within, we will naturally resonate with some beautiful things.




Q2: What is your greatest motivation in work and life?

J: I consider myself a rather sensitive person because I easily perceive the emotions of the people around me. From my youth until now, others have enjoyed sharing their stories with me. Over time, this trait has gradually evolved into my strength: transforming my and others' emotions and stories into art, including music, scripts, and performances. Additionally, I engage in sound therapy to help harmonize their frequencies.


In the past, I used to feel overwhelmed by experiencing a multitude of emotions. Still, harnessing this quality and contributing something meaningful to the world is essential.


Whether in my work or personal life, I remain a deep curiosity about many things. I am an explorer, delving into spirituality, the inner world, cosmic mysteries, ancient knowledge, and even phenomena that are not visible or currently beyond the realm of scientific explanation. Furthermore, I thoroughly enjoy learning anything that can help me and alleviate the suffering of others, such as astrology, tarot, sound therapy, acting, and singing, among other things.


Q3: What advice do you have for women who want to make a change in their lives and chase their dreams?

J: Sometimes, pursuing your dreams turns out differently than you expect. Therefore, my first suggestion is to live fully and seize daily. Additionally, suppose your pursuit doesn't align with the norms of society or that you don't fit in the box. In that case, it's important not to blame yourself or see it as a problem. You may have unique and innovative ideas. Remember, avoiding getting too fixated on conforming to societal expectations is crucial.



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