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- #Perseverance -

Esther Sham: Know what you want and go for it

Balancing work and family is a common challenge for many modern women.

The question of career or children often arises, and it can seem like you can't have both. However, Esther Sham, the founder and head chef of the renowned French restaurant Maison ES and a mother of four, shows through her own experience that it is possible to have both if you are determined.



Esther Sham, the renowned founder and head chef of Maison ES, a prominent French restaurant. On top of her successful career, Esther is also a mother of four. Esther seems to balance both her children and career effortlessly. However, it turns out that she has faced challenges and moments of feeling overwhelmed. Yet, Esther's experiences serve as a testament that being a mother is empowering. She shows us that with determination, it's possible to have a fulfilling career and a loving family simultaneously. As she said, ''The most important thing is to know what you want and go for it!’’


Work, Dream and Life of Esther 

Below E: Esther


Q1: Can you share with us a time when you faced significant setbacks or challenges in life? How did you take care of yourself?

E: Running the restaurant was extremely difficult after giving birth to my second child. The restaurant had transitioned from a private kitchen to a public one, which created a lot of pressure and worsened my postpartum depression. Eventually, I had to stop working for an entire year. During that time, I sought medical treatment, did yoga, and travelled to help myself relax and recover. It was only through picking up the broken pieces that I could slowly regain my footing. This experience taught me the importance of self-love. Being busy is not an excuse - we must take good care of ourselves no matter what.


Q2: What is your greatest motivation in work and life?

E: Working in a restaurant is truly exhausting and challenging. I've even questioned whether it was the right decision to enter this industry. But whenever I see customers raving about the food I've cooked, I'm instantly filled with energy, and it feels as though all the hard work is worth it. As I've grown older, I've wanted to give back to society and contribute. It’s happier for me to help others than myself, and that is my drive to be better.




Q3: What advice do you have for women who want to make a change in their lives and chase their dreams?

E: It's all about time management. Each person has only 24 hours daily, which is fair. It all depends on how you allocate your time, just like cutting a cake. As a mother, it is possible to balance both family and career. For example, consider transitioning from full-time to part-time work. Even in the case that you can't work, it doesn't mean you must completely cut off your connection to society. You can still participate by volunteering in schools or the community.

In order to achieve your dreams, you need an extensive and feasible plan. You should seek clarity if you find your dream or goal is unattainable.

Many people wonder how I can accomplish so much in a day. The answer is that I wake up early, I do not spend time watching dramas, nor do I take long lunch breaks. On average, I get 2-3 more hours in a day than others. The most important thing is to know what you want and to plan your schedule accordingly.



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