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2022 Fall/Winter Collection 


Fearless, Determined, and Confident – Architected Femininity at Crossroads of Art and Fashion

‘Art empowers me in many ways, it reminds me to chase my dream.

I am thrilled to be inspired, in the interaction of people, by art as daily activity.’

– Izumi Ogino, Creative Director of ANTEPRIMA



French Architecture Deconstructed in Rendezvous between Art and Fashion

In the eye of Izumi Ogino, both art and architecture have a ubiquitous presence. Inspired by the sinuous flow of architectural lines, the FW22 collection translates the ‘Power of Art’ into elegant silhouettes and patterns, framed in a seemingly endless space suspended in the play of light at the Milan fashion show. Influences from contemporary art, architecture and wine culture converge in this collection that takes cue from Château la Coste, a historic wine estate with an art pavilion in the South of France. Drawing inspiration from the L’Arc de Triomphe, wrapped project, pleats and folds create added volume and sculptural interest in skirts and dresses – the result is fashion art imbued with volume and character.  


Pared Down Sophistication of FRENCH CHIC for Modern Women


Knitwear continues to exert timeless allure on the Fall/Winter collection, with our classic Cashmere Collection. Meanwhile, padded knit is enriched with inlay quilting of geometric and square patterns. Informed by a deep understanding of human condition, Izumi Ogino puts self-respect and confidence before design ingenuity. This unique approach of French Chic is a conduit for inner beauty to shine – just as delicate, subtle details offset puffy design to nail a poised and fearless blend of femininity that empowers women to embrace a new sense of self under the brand’s ‘Smart, Precious with LOVE’ philosophy. The ‘Beauty of Restraint and Balance’ of the Parisian style adds a dash of romanticism to the masculine-feminine mishmash of the excessive and the austere: ethereality is given a sense of gravitas with body-hugging items, while girly dresses are balanced with a little androgyny. 



Seasonal Silhouettes in Mindful Palette with Vivid Accents

The New Normal has inspired in us a nostalgic feeling for wellness. With this in mind, ANTEPRIMA grounds its FW22 collection on a poised palette of coffee brown, infused with the energetic hues of yellow, red, and green to create a sense of positivity. Warm and soft materials are fashioned into sculpted forms, with the burnished shine of sequins and metallic trim in a sophisticated direction that highlights the sleek architectural lines.




ANTEPRIMA/WIREBAG continues to drive the craze for Mini Bags with designs that combine form and function. Following the ADESSO MINIATURA WIREBAG that reimagines the iconic structured ADESSO WIREBAG in new proportion, and the dainty yet elegant POLKA WIREBAG, the new STANDARD CATENA WIREBAG takes the season by storm with a fashion-forward chain strap. In myriad styles and a versatile seasonal palette, the WIREBAG elevates your every look with great styling flexibility from casual chic to effortless elegance.   



‘Smart, Precious with LOVE’

Founded and creatively directed by Izumi Ogino, ANTEPRIMA is a collection of timeless, effortless and sophisticated collection designed for modern women to last, season after season; ageless and borderless, where minimalism takes centre stage with quality textures such as the brand’s DNA knit wear, loose silhouettes and refined details. ANTEPRIMA finds empowerment, inner strength and confident in essential shapes and tonal hues that form the basis of a classic wardrobe. Inspired by Izumi’s wide array of life experiences, travel and exposure to fashion and art from around the world, she saw the need to create a brand that is both versatile and timeless for smart stylish women of all ages and backgrounds; Women who draw their own lives .Embodying her own taste of style, Izumi designed collection that are feminine with sporty edge, classic yet modern, and simple – with a pop of personality.