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ANTEPRIMA is created for a woman of all seasons: Intelligent, Confident, Feminine and Joyful.  Perfectly refined collections that channel a woman’s worldly sophistication.  Debuted at Milano Moda Donna in 1998, the Italian brand carries through the love of quality and beauty that impressed woman’s daily life.


ANTEPRIMA 帶給所有聰慧、自信、嫵媚及愉悅女性最動人的設計。於1998年的意大利米蘭時裝週作處女展,品牌憑著對質素及美感的堅持,其優雅動人的服飾完美呈現女性生活上所追求的精緻及細膩,渴求的創意及華麗。




2022 Fall/Winter Collection

POWER OF ART: Fearless, Determined, and Confident – Architected Femininity at Crossroads of Art and Fashion

In the eye of Izumi Ogino, both art and architecture have a ubiquitous presence. Inspired by the sinuous flow of architectural lines, the FW22 collection translates the ‘Power of Art’ into elegant silhouettes and patterns, framed in a seemingly endless space suspended in the play of light at the Milan fashion show. Influences from contemporary art, architecture and wine culture converge in this collection that takes cue from Château la Coste, a historic wine estate with an art pavilion in the South of France. Drawing inspiration from the L’Arc de Triomphe, wrapped project, pleats and folds create added volume and sculptural interest in skirts and dresses – the result is fashion art imbued with volume and character.  


POWER OF ART:當藝術與時裝相遇 從建築美學傳遞女性無畏、堅毅及自信魅力

對Izumi Ogino而言,藝術無處不在,建築美學亦然。其獨特、線條流暢的美感,同樣成為是次FW22秋冬系列的靈感來源。序幕由米蘭時裝週的舞台設計開始,利用燈光效果營造彷彿無限延伸的空間感,作為2022秋冬主題:「Power of Art」的開端。她更從法國的著名建築物擷取靈感,將集現代藝術、建築和葡萄酒文化為一的南法藝術酒莊CHÂTEAU LA COSTE獨有的美感解構,並化為優雅的線條和圖案於服飾上一一呈現。另外,她受巴黎凱旋門去年完工的「L’Arc de Triomphe, wrapped」項目啟發,在裙子和連身裙加入Fold & Pleated摺褶元素,帶來富立體感而又充滿個性的時裝藝術,實行把藝術穿上身。

Pared Down Sophistication of FRENCH CHIC for Modern Women

Knitwear continues to exert timeless allure on the Fall/Winter collection, with our classic Cashmere Collection. Meanwhile, padded knit is enriched with inlay quilting of geometric and square patterns. Informed by a deep understanding of human condition, Izumi Ogino puts self-respect and confidence before design ingenuity. This unique approach of French Chic is a conduit for inner beauty to shine – just as delicate, subtle details offset puffy design to nail a poised and fearless blend of femininity that empowers women to embrace a new sense of self under the brand’s ‘Smart, Precious with LOVE’ philosophy. The ‘Beauty of Restraint and Balance’ of the Parisian style adds a dash of romanticism to the masculine-feminine mishmash of the excessive and the austere: ethereality is given a sense of gravitas with body-hugging items, while girly dresses are balanced with a little androgyny. 


FRENCH CHIC法式風情出發 為現代女性設計出簡約優雅的日常服飾

秋冬季除了繼續透過引以為傲的精湛針織工藝,製作一件件品質上乘、值得一輩子收藏的Cashmere經典羊絨單品外,Quilting 設計也是另一主要設計元素,透過縫線手法與夾棉、羊毛衣料交織成不同紋理的幾何和方型圖案。擁有一定人生閱歷的Izumi Ogino更加意識到設計是其次,能展現女性的自信和態度才是真正時裝的基調,而French Chic 法式風格正好代表這種難以取代、能由內而外散發的迷人韻味,因此她以Puffy Design 立體蓬鬆剪裁配合簡約優雅的細節,於外套、上衣及配飾上傳遞女性強大、堅毅及個性魅力,藉此鼓勵她們能擁有一顆無畏之心,不怕挑戰並認識真正的自己,也為品牌哲學「Smart, Precious with LOVE」作完美詮釋。她亦將巴黎的「Beauty of Restraint and Balance平衝而後」的浪漫主義融入系列當中,設計可以抽象誇張,同時也可蘊藏優雅之美。如把空氣感的造型上配搭偏向貼身剪裁的衣服,或是帶有中性的設計,卻同時以裙裝的款式配襯,在剛強與柔美之間取得巧妙平衡。

Seasonal Silhouettes in Mindful Palette with Vivid Accents

The New Normal has inspired in us a nostalgic feeling for wellness. With this in mind, ANTEPRIMA grounds its FW22 collection on a poised palette of coffee brown, infused with the energetic hues of yellow, red, and green to create a sense of positivity. Warm and soft materials are fashioned into sculpted forms, with the burnished shine of sequins and metallic trim in a sophisticated direction that highlights the sleek architectural lines.

以鮮明色彩調和平靜柔和的大自然色調 為秋冬造型一抹知性風采



FW22 Milan Fashion Show Looks