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ANTEPRIMA is created for a woman of all seasons: Intelligent, Confident, Feminine and Joyful.  Perfectly refined collections that channel a woman’s worldly sophistication.  Debuted at Milano Moda Donna in 1998, the Italian brand carries through the love of quality and beauty that impressed woman’s daily life.


ANTEPRIMA 帶給所有聰慧、自信、嫵媚及愉悅女性最動人的設計。於1998年的意大利米蘭時裝週作處女展,品牌憑著對質素及美感的堅持,其優雅動人的服飾完美呈現女性生活上所追求的精緻及細膩,渴求的創意及華麗。




2023 Spring/Summer Collection

UNBOUNDED ENERGY : Refining the Experience of ANTEPRIMA and Contemporary Art

 “I imagined it as a brand with which to experiment, capturing my intuitive style, and introducing contemporary sophisticated fashion for all women without borders; a container in which all women find something and make it their own, interpreting it in a personal way. These are the values I wanted to emphasize especially with this 30th-anniversary collection, with the brand philosophy of Smart, Precious with LOVE.” – Creative Director Izumi Ogino said.

ANTEPRIMA celebrates 30th Anniversary in 2023 and it is a significant moment for Creative Director Izumi Ogino to reflect her past, now and future. She has always emphasized the close connection between fashion and contemporary art. 



「簡約、優雅而精緻,這一直深深紮根於品牌的設計理念。乘著這次品牌誕生的30週年慶典,我希望大家能在ANTEPRIMA Style的基礎上加以詮釋,成為獨一無二、真正屬於自己的個人風格。能夠展現女性優雅、活力這動靜對比魅力的同時,讓每一位現代女性都能感受和延續到『Smart, Precious with LOVE』的品牌哲學。」— 創意總監荻野泉Izumi Ogino道。


藉著品牌成立30週年,是時侯重溫經典及回顧設計初心。是次SS23春夏系列,創意總監荻野泉Izumi Ogino以簡約剪裁、精緻細節的設計理念繼續穿梭於經典與未來風格之間,為30週年帶來一場華麗的視覺盛宴,同時也讓我們一同踏上屬於ANTEPRIMAIzumi Ogino之間的過去、現在與未來的時尚之旅。

30th Anniversary Monochrome Motif Conceived with Italian Architect MARCELLO MOANDINI

Perpetuating ANTEPRIMA’s passion for art, Creative Director Izumi Ogino continued to collaborate with international artists as a means to enliven designs with inspirations drawn from nature, art, and travel through interpersonal interaction and experiences. In the same vein, architectural aesthetic codes are translated into geometric patterns, bold colours, and meticulously defined silhouettes to give the retro, artistic collection a modern spin, as evidenced by the sculptural forms and razor-sharp lines of individual items. On the occasion of its 30th anniversary, ANTEPRIMA collaborated with Italian architect, artist, and graphic designer Marcello Morandini, whose iconic chair SEDIA BINE is also celebrating its 30th birthday, to design a series of abstract patterns based on his signature lexicon that creates strong visual impact through playful monochrome contrasts and geometric forms. For this cross-disciplinary project, Morandini unleashed his monochrome magic on the SS23 collection of the fashion house with roots in knitwear. The timeless monochrome colourway complements beautifully with the bright palette of the collection. The pleasant contrasts underline the joyous atmosphere of the new season and the sleek, modern attitude at the crossroads of art and everyday life.


與意大利建築師MARCELLO MOANDINI攜手設計幾何黑白抽象圖案 一同慶祝30週年

創意總監 Izumi Ogino 繼續秉承ANTEPRIMA一貫對藝術的愛戴及支持,與世界各地的藝術家合作,她認為靈感來自於自然、藝術、旅行,這些來自於人與人之間的互動、體驗能夠為設計注入色彩。建築美學亦然,映入眼簾的圖案、大膽明亮的用色、俐落剪裁,從建築美學和流行的線條圖案等汲取靈感,讓每一件富有復古藝術氣息的單品不僅變得摩登時尚,也更趨於現代的質感與審美觀,誕生一系列充滿立體輪廓、流暢線條的設計。乘著30週年慶典,ANTEPRIMA 特意與意大利建築師、藝術家亦是平面設計師的馬切洛.莫蘭迪尼 (Marcello Morandini)合作,他的黑白線條幾何圖案聞名於設計界,以黑白配色的對比和玩味帶來震撼的視覺享受,剛好其標誌性藝術椅子作品「SEDIA BINE」與 針織起家的ANTEPRIMA同樣面世30週年,便促成了是次的驚喜誇領域合作。他親自為品牌30週年慶典設計的幾何黑白抽象圖案融入了ANTEPRIMA 2023春夏系列之中並成為重點之一,經典雋永的黑白與斑斕明亮的鮮色調於春夏季度互相映襯,除顯示出春夏的歡愉外,更予人一種簡潔摩登的氣息,讓大家一同探索藝術與生活融合的更多可能性。



Signature ANTEPRIMA Knitwear as

Urban Statement of Modern Femininity

The SS23 collection is marked with a sheer and comfortable imprint by ANTEPRIMA’s signature knitting technology that weaves together chiffon, silk, lurex, or nacre yarns to outline an elegant and ethereal silhouette, with an uplifting touch of yellow, blue, red, and other bright hues to amplify the graceful yet lively allure of urban women while perpetuating the brand’s philosophy of ‘Smart, Precious with LOVE’ through IZUMI’s favourite approach to creating contrasts.





今季SS23春夏服飾繼續透過透膚舒適的設計貫穿服飾主題,運用ANTEPRIMA最引以為傲的針織技術與各種物料如輕紗雪紡、絲綢、金屬和珠光色紗線等互相交織,帶來優雅飄逸的輪廓,從中亦加入一點黃、藍、紅等活力色彩,能夠展現ANTEPRIMA Women優雅、活力這動靜對比的同時毫無保留地釋放女性都市魅力,亦完美演繹IZUMI一直鍾愛和擅長「對比」空間的呈現手法,讓每一位現代女性都能感受和延續到品牌哲學『Smart, Precious with LOVE』。