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The image of an ideal woman has been like a work of art in progress, through the ages. In 1993, Izumi Ogino created a contemporary new face – sensitive to beauty without borders, her intuitive style and elegance appreciated in any situation.ANTEPRIMA by Izumi Ogino for a woman of all seasons: Intelligent, Confident, Feminine and Joyful. ANTEPRIMA is the fashion brand in that image, perfectly refined collections that channel a woman’s worldly sophistication. A woman with an understated passion for creativity and luxury. An unerring eye for beauty that refuses to be held back by artificial boundaries or cultural lines. Izumi has captivated the fashion world since the brand’s debut – as its name in Italian – at Milano Moda Donna in 1998.ANTEPRIMA carries through the love of quality and beauty that impressed Izumi’s childhood, the passion filters through the brand’s fashion and accessories, seen in the world’s most vibrant cities.


隨著年華展現不同的美態,可謂女性最理想的形象。 1993年,設計師Izumi Ogino為新時代女性創出一片天,她對美的詮譯無分疆界,獨到的美學與優雅的設計在任何場合也獲高度評價。 Izumi Ogino領軍的ANTEPRIMA帶給所有聰慧,自信,嫵媚及愉悅的女性最動人的設計。 ANTEPRIMA的時裝系列優雅動人,對美的見解並未受不同文化及各種既定的概念所限,完美呈現女性追求的精緻及細膩,渴求的創意及華麗。

Izumi Ogino的設計於1998年的意大利米蘭時裝節(米蘭莫達唐娜)作處女展,是首個以日本女性設計的意大利品牌能登上此國際時裝舞台。 ANTEPRIMA完全體現了設計師Izumi Ogino對質素及美感的堅持,而這份熱誠也可見於品牌所推出的服裝及飾物系列。