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ANTEPRIMA is created for a woman of all seasons: Intelligent, Confident, Feminine and Joyful.  Perfectly refined collections that channel a woman’s worldly sophistication.  Debuted at Milano Moda Donna in 1998, the Italian brand carries through the love of quality and beauty that impressed woman’s daily life.


ANTEPRIMA 帶給所有聰慧、自信、嫵媚及愉悅女性最動人的設計。於1998年的意大利米蘭時裝週作處女展,品牌憑著對質素及美感的堅持,其優雅動人的服飾完美呈現女性生活上所追求的精緻及細膩,渴求的創意及華麗。




2023 Fall/Winter Collection

GLOW IN THE DARK: Rebellious Elegance that Shines

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.”— Izumi Ogino, Creative Director of ANTEPRIMA.

Continue the celebration of 30th anniversary, ANTERPIMA dedicates to interpret the brand history and bringing fundamental concepts forward. Milan, a historical city in Italy has always been a springboard for creativity for the brand, where full of modern high-end luxury, contemporary art museum, gourmet, and fast-growing creative industries, at the same time the city is with well-preserved old historical architecture and arts. With the Fall/Winter 2023 theme “Glow in the dark”, ANTEPRIMA reviews the true value from the past and turns it into the light of oneself. Incorporating Milan culture and atmosphere of unusual blend of past and present, the Fall/Winter 2023 collection intakes the aesthetic of the balance and off-grid sensibilities, through the immersive powers; structured yet natural flow, hard yet soft, textured yet translucence.


Creative Director Izumi Ogino wanted to address a kaleidoscope of individuals women in real world. “There are many women in the world who fight for their freedom, who fights for their rights and who fights for their small happiness. I want to create the collection to express their inner confidence, boldness, sensuality and true beauty within”, said Izumi Ogino.




Love: A Blaze of Light in Darkness


Izumi Ogino re-explored the notion of ‘LOVE’ in her new take on the brand’s DNA. ‘LOVE’ lies in the heart of ANTEPRIMA’s philosophy of ‘Smart, Precious with LOVE’, which touches craftsmanship, art, everyday living, and human connection. In this collection, knitwear in Luscious Red is paired with an innovative WIREBAG with the hidden pattern of Creative Director Izumi Ogino’s handwritten ‘LOVE’ appears in neon – a powerful, almost surreal manifesto of the designer’s vision of love alludes to a silver lining, a sign of light, hope and love in the dark.



Convergence of Modern Rebellious and Classic Elegance


Classics are revisited, through the lens of the 90s Grunge. The Fall/Winter 2023 collection is infused with playful elements, drawn together to put a nonchalant spin on the classic and the elegant. Puffy sleeves, high neck and sweetheart neckline complement the translucent knitwear to accentuate the duality of femininity. See-through knit and slits are incorporated into high-low skirts for a sense of modern sophistication. Taking cues from architectural lines again, Izumi Ogino reinterpreted the sculptural form through the soft yet structured silhouettes for oversized jackets, bomber jackets, and volume skirts. Long, translucent gloves with a retro attitude amp up the dramatic aura of the total look, defining a new vision of beauty for modern women.