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Havana de Wai Wai

The refreshing Spring ever!


Havana – the capital of Cuba, where intense, vibrant colours exist everywhere. Inspired by the beauty of the city, 45R is celebrating Springtime with cheerful and inviting shades of pink.  Whilst not limited to the vibrant hue, all items are made from 100% Indian linen and cotton to enhance a soft and comfy vibe. Ready for a refreshing tour of this captivating city?

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More pink items coming soon!

Duck 45 Star Tote

Spring Breeze Khadi Shirt

Spring Breeze Khadi Full Blouse

Kanoko Smooth Knit Sword Dress


Stay Classic in the epic journey


Blue & Khadi, floral print, cutwork and craftsmanship are always related with 45R, which are always inspiring in spring.  Simple and classic silhouettes like cotton blazer, short and border chino pants are always on for basic 45R style.  Refined floral pattern and delicate cutwork crafted by artisans are injected to reflect the heritage of the Cuba city.

Indigo Weather 908 Miyuki Jacket / Supima OX 908 Jacket / Indigo Weather 908 Chigo Shorts / Weather 908 Chigo Short

Flower Print Knit Saw Big Slit T-shirt

Indigo Knaoko Smooth Knit Saw Cardigan

Wheat Denim 908 Painter

Race the Knit Vest

Cutwork vest / Indian Twill Bermuda Pants