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45R and New Material Research Laboratory have worked together since 2017 on store design to bring out 45R’s commitment to producing refined garments. Hong Kong Star Street Flagship Store is the second project overseas following London, re-editing the traditional Japanese materials and production methods through contemporary spatial compositions and contexts to create uniquely characteristic designs.


The concept of Star Street Flagship Store is “Passage”. The interior floor is finished in antique stone, creating a spatial expression that appears to internalize the exterior passage space. Material such as stone and wood are the main elements used in the spatial compositions. They are in particular engraved with the history of their growth upon this earth with an implication of time itself. Likewise, 45R’s artisanal approach entails producing clothes with a focus on natural materials.




As a further distinctive expression, the new store design focused on sheet metal techniques used for fire resistance purposes that were often observed in the exterior facades of Japanese stores and urban houses in the early 1900s, thus covering the wall surface with aged copper sheets through a process of diagonal cladding.


With used passage stones and copper sheet diagonal cladding as the main finishing materials, things that have originally been produced for external use are contemporarily re-edited as interior elements, creating a space that forms a continuous connection with the outside.

The second floor is a customer service area that uses cypress as its central material, designed with an aim to create a serene space that permeates with the scent of the material and distances itself from the bustle of the street.


Through this brand new concept and image, 45R wishes to accompany all customers in the coming 10 years.


7 Star Street, Wan Chai    I    (852) 2861 1145