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Fashionista’s Pick: Classic Sneakers 



Introducing 45R Classic Sneakers, watch our Head designer Yasumi san and Production manager Maekawa san unveil these timeless sneakers:


With sneakers being the favourite fashion item to style with, 45R original sneakers are back! Produced in Kyusyu, this sneaker in 100% linen is produced with traditional and authentic vulcanized technique for a vintage touch. From varnishing rubber of each sole to stitching them together, the shoes are purely handmade by craftsmen to ensure durability and flexibility.

The sneakers are available in three colours in which the Indigo is unique to 45R. Inspired by the brand’s 5 pocket denim collections, raise the indigo sneakers into a personalized and unique self-representation.


From 13 March till 19 March, be the first to pre-order the sneakers in store and online!