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45R News Updates!

Check out 45R's key collections updates and information here!


45R Saijiki Collection

45R celebrates the Tanabata (Star Festival七夕) with the latest Saijiki capsule collection. Choosing white, yellow, red, blue and black colours to represent the festival, vivid and dimensional motif of Sasakazari (colourful papers with wishes written on) is outlined on Zimbabwe gauze fabric with discharge, 3D printing and wood-block printing techniques. Feel the story and hope of the Star Festival with 45R’s taste of romance.


45 Star Colonial Print

This summer, inspired by the stunning Portuguese Azulejo (tile painting) decorations, the latest eye catcher collection uses 45R’s traditional, complicated discharge technique to handcraft Portugal’s signature blue and white interlocking curvilinear, floral and geometric motifs, creating admirable art pieces that are rich in colonial history and colours.

Time For a Safari Holiday

It’s time for vacation! Created from rare, high quality habutae silk, let 45R guide you on an exciting safari tour as two little bunnies enjoyed their time together by first visiting Madagascar for parachuting and sailing, then off to East Africa to meet lions and leopards, next to Dubai desert for ostrich riding and lastly ending their trip with animal watching !