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April Collection

Ai Linen Herringbone 8-Knot Jacket

Ai Ox Long Happie Jacket

Ai Linen 908 Vest

Ai Khadi Tye-Dye 908 Easy Shirt

Ai Dying Caftan Dress

Ai Khadi Tie-Dye Pukapuff Dress

Ai Dying Uma Dress

Ai Linen Herringbone 908 Pants

Ai Dying Caftan Big Slit Top

Ai Dying 908 Uma Tee

Ai Dying Patchwork 908 Uma Tee






As we began work on the series we have named “Ai Indigo Shokunin Iroiro 45,” one thing we kept in mind was the importance of letting go. Like many traditional crafts, Ai Indigo dyeing has certain rules that artisans insist must be followed. These rules are important for transmitting techniques, of course, but it seemed to us that they also restricted the process to an extent, narrowing the field of view. Rules against unevenness of color are one example.


There was much to work through initially as a result, but when we saw the first finished garments and their Ai Indigo color, the wave of amazement was followed by what felt like shared conviction that we were on the right track. The color both shook and soothed our souls. This is the power of Ai Indigo.


45R grows its Ai Indigo from indigo plants in fields. We have farms and workshops in many locations, and employ a range of different production methods and colors as a result. In all of our processes, however, what we prize above all is “45R-ness.”