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Established in Japan in 1978, 45R has surpassed fashion and adhering to its belief in the beauty of nostalgia and quality craftsmanship. Analogous to the Japanese passing down tradition from parents to their children, kimonos and gorgeous things from times past, each piece of 45R product feels like an old favorite at the very first time it is worn and it is of such quality that 45R clothing can be passed on from generation to generation.

Its denim collection is both an established eternal classic as well as an art piece to the connoisseurs of denim and Japan fashion.


成立於1978年,便以一絲不苟的認真態度生產,並堅持懷舊美。如日本的傳統一樣,母親會把和服或其他珍品留給子女,然後代代相傳,45R的服裝讓人自首天穿起已感到這種親切感。每件物件都在訴說著一個個的故事,亦是可相傳下去的。 45R的牛仔褲系列則是品牌的經典,對日本潮流及牛仔褲收藏家而言是如藝術品般的寶物。除著在日本,紐約及巴黎取得的空前成功,首間設於香港的分店於2008年10月登陸,而香港旗艦店也於2009年2月開幕,以其忠於大自然的室內設計,贏得不少讚譽。