June 12, 2017
STANDARD WIREBAG Timeless, Classic and Fun - To have and to hold, for now and ever

“STANDARD WIREBAG is the one I love and use the most among the whole WIREBAG collection. A bag with simplistic classic design, yet it is highly versatile that can be carried in any occasion and style.”

-Creative Director, Ms Izumi Ogino

STANDARD WIREBAG is our debut WIREBAG which reflects Creative Director, Ms. Izumi Ogino’s strong messageto represent the sophistication and beauty nature of women. Her belief and passion had been endorsed by the long haul popularity over last two decades.

The bag itself was inspired by our proudest craftsmanship of ANTEPRIMA – knitting. Using the glittering futuristic material made of exclusive wire cords, every single STANDARD WIREBAG takes approximately 15 dedicated hand-knitting hours of a particular artisan for outlook consistency.

We continued all these years to improve the STANDARD BAG from functionality to development, that we strive to be experimental in knitting wire with unconventional materials such as raffia and grosgrain ribbon for lighter bag design, also over 20 variations of STANDARD styles and about 100 wire colors have been innovated.

With the simple design of STANDARD WIREBAG, you can create your own design by attaching favorite charms or scarf arrangement, to add a touch of glamorous chic to daily style.

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